Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Artist Talk With Denny!!! This Thursday!

Artist Talk with Denny Moers
7pm | Thursday | November 7 | 2013
This event is free and open to the public 

Special Feature 
Rhode Island Master Artist
Denny Moers 
A celebration of Rhode Island Master Artists

Lake with Buoys by Denny Moers

This Thursday, November 7th at 7pm, RWU photography instructor Denny Moers will be speaking at the IMAGO Gallery in Warren, RI on his long and accomplished career as an artist. Come get to know Denny this Thursday and check out his interview with the IFA!

IMAGO Gallery
36 Market Street 
Warren, RI 02885
(401) 254-3348

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RWU VARTS goes to Boston! [with Carpet]

A few weeks ago the Roger Williams art students woke-up early (!) on a Saturday (!!) for awesome adventure to Boston. We visited the MFA where we were given a guided tour of the contemporary wing of the museum and hopped back on the bus to visit the ICA. Our friend Carpet, created by RWU graduate architecture student Joe Karpiel, also joined us on our Boston adventure and was front and center to experience all the amazing work! Here are some favorite moments:


*images courtesy of Kylie Wyman VARTS senior

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Check out Thuy!

Senior Visual Arts student, Thuy Nguyen's work is currently up in the Admissions Building on the Roger William's campus for her first solo show! Consisting of traditional woodblock prints, digital images, paintings and photographs, Thuy's work relates to finding and connecting to her cultural and ancestral roots. Be sure to go check her out! Good job Thuy and good luck!

*image courtesy of Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Diem-Nguyen, Roger Williams University, VARTS Class of 2014
About her work, Thuy says:

“For the past few years at Roger Williams, I have switched gears in an unexpected journey of starting in architecture to studying the arts.  The creativity flowed from my conceptual ideas to producing art from my fingertips.  I was able to share my vision through the diverse exploration of mediums such as painting, traditional wood-block printing, film photography and digital media.  I have acquired a collection of work that relates to my personal life and expresses who I am becoming as a young artist. These selected compositions encounter the ideas of self-identity, Vietnamese heritage, and my grandmother who loved to share her stories. Now it is my time to tell my story.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You Know Who's Awesome!!??

Joe Hurley! Newly christened Visual Arts junior here at Roger William's University. Joe's silly sense of humor comes through in his quirky animations! Check out his YouTube channel supasphoje and prepare yourself for giggles!! Welcome to the program Joe and thanks for the laughs!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You and I Don't Come Lightly to the Blank Page

We've had a great week at RWU VARTS with our Fall 2013 Visiting Artist, Sarah Walko (www.sarahwalko.com).  Sarah was assisted by a fabulous crew of VARTS students - Kim, Thuy, Bridgit, Hailey, Cynthia and Samara.  Sarah spent time in the studios giving great advice and lastly lectured on her work and process Friday evening.  Her show entitled "You and I don't Come Lightly to the Blank Page" is open through the end of the month.  Thanks Sarah!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jean-Christian Bourcart Visits RWU

On a windy, rainy day here at RWU, things were brightened up by a visit from the photographer, JC Bourcart (http://www.jcbourcart.com). 
Stardust, 2005-6, Jean-Christian Bourcart
 "I photograph so that I have an excuse for looking. I photograph to grasp what is otherwise inaccessible. I photograph because photography causes less damage than a machine gun. I photograph to forget. My work is a way of looking through a half-open door, revealing a place where stories aren’t articulated or explained but remain secret, affording us the pleasure of discriminating, discovering, imagining."

- J. C. Bourcart