Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Murray and Megan at the DeCordova

Professor Murray McMillan and Megan McMillan will be exhibiting their new project, an installation entitled,  "The Shape of Our Best Intentions," featuring a 2600 lb asymmetrically suspended room, January 23 at the 2012 Biennial at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA.  This project was funded by RWU and created with the help of RWU graduate assistant Chris Capozzi.   Way to go M & M!

The Shape of Our Best Intentions
Decordova Biennial Website


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inter Media Open Studio, Friday Oct 14, 3-5PM

Inter Media Open Studio
Visual Arts Seniors, Roger Williams University
VARTS Warehouse, 255 Franklin St, Bristol

Friday, Oct 14, 3-5 PM
free and open to the public

Please stop by and view the senior visual arts work at mid-term, including painting, sculpture, photographs, videos and prints in the Inter Media studio work spaces.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art Club Emerging! Read the Hawk's Herald Interview with Miranda Smith

Update: The Art Club now has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RWU-Art-Club/

Sitting in one of the many conference halls of Global Heritage Hall, creativity flowed through the air as art was the main topic of discussion. The Hawks' Herald sat down with Miranda Smith, a senior visual arts major at Roger Wil­liamsUniversity. We met to talk about the new art club, called The Art Club, which she has started on campus.
TheHawks' Herald: Why did you want to start The Art Club?
Miranda Smith: As a visual arts major, I feel that there's really a lack of art on campus and you don't really get the feeling of the artistic community, so we really want to find a way, through this art club, to bring that presence to campus.
HH: What kind of art is it go­ing to contain and what's it all about?
MS: Well what we're going to do is [we really want to] have joint events with groups on campus for the students. I've been talking with the President of the Musician's Guild, Ryan Treppedi, and we really want to join together to put on a stu­dent art show as well as concert. So we want to do that and just have discussions and share work with each other so that we can foster creativity.
HH: That's very cool. The whole joint club thing is very interesting.
MS: Yeah, I really want to join with other groups too, like Writer's Anonymous and Dance Club and see what we can do together. We want to create a creative community.
HH: So other than activities with other clubs, do you have anything else planned for the rest of the semester or year?
MS: Well we're still in our be­ginning stages of starting up the club. We actually aren't having our first meeting until Monday (September 26) [But] what I want to do and what I'm work­ing with my board members to do is to create a logo contest so that people could submit ideas for a logo for The Art Club and then the winner will become the official logo. So that's one of our ideas. And then we also want to show movies, like art related movies. I was thinking Exit Through the Gift Shop would be a really good one. And then in the future, when we get funding, we want to have spon­sored events where we would go the museums and other creative places.
HH: Why should people join The Art Club?
MS: A lot of people I've talked to about it just feel like com­ing to college, they kind of lose their creative and artistic urge to create and they kind of get lost in all the academics. And for those who aren't visual arts majors, they don't really have that much opportunity so this
will be a great way to really get back into it and let you imagi­nation run wild.

Already 23 people are signed up for The Art Club and Mi­randa and the other board members are hoping for a big turnout for this new and excit­ing club.

Miranda Smith and her sculpture, Spring 2011


Monday, October 3, 2011


Awesome VARTS 2011 Grad, Lauren Opaciuch.

Check out her Tumblr site at: laurenopaciuch-tumblr

Speaking in Tongues...

Professor Jeffrey Silverthorne
Professor Jeffrey Silverthorne is back from London and Paris where he was in two shows recently.

Jeffrey was interviewed at Daniel Blau, London during the exhibition Haunting the Chapel – Photography and Dissolution

Read the Full Interview at: Art Review Interview Series

"Most of the time I try to be fairly reasonable about making pictures and there have been some boundaries that have been suggested by people who I care about; they don’t want me to do anything too weird. I believe that I want to explore a wide range of things that I find curious and that I think are genuine and I have a great deal of difficulty with the word and the concept of authenticity, because I think that we are very socially constructed animals and we do these things and they seem genuine, because millions and millions of other people are doing the same thing. I do however believe that there is an authenticity to doing something that you really have to do. You really need to do this and you are putting at risk something. Now, that doesn’t mean you should do it and it certainly doesn’t mean it is going to be good, but I think that when you are doing that, and you are a little more savvy to ways things have been constructed; how it might construct a design to ultimately come to a composition, that I am speaking through many tongues. It is not just a fourth tongue, there are hundreds of tongues and I think that as a maker you try to engage a lot of these tongues so that the image isn’t stuck in one moment. So that it is both in the time and out of the time."

Jeffrey Silverthorne